Blue Water Bee Publishing

The ABCs of Honey Bees

Did you know that one honey bee makes only five drops of honey in her lifetime? Or that honey bees do special dances to tell the others where to find food? If you find these facts fascinating, then The ABCs of Honey Bees will fill your sense of wonder about the world of honey bees. This book will take you and your young loved one on a journey through the world of honey bees, one letter at a time. Written by a young beekeeper, the book engages the youngest of readers by providing interesting facts and illustrations about the honey bee while teaching them the letters of the alphabet. Even as an adult, you will find this book educational and opening up a world to you that is mostly unknown by many.

With the concern about the decline of honey bees growing, The ABCs of Honey Bees is a must read for anyone wanting to provide an introduction to young ones into to the world of honey bees and to grow their knowledge beyond just being an insect that stings to having an understanding and empathy of these fascinating pollinators that will hopefully foster our youth to care and protect the honey bee for the future.

Title: The ABCs of Honey Bees
ISBN-13: 978-0999729311
Publisher: Blue Water Bee Publishing LLC
Format: 8.5 x 0.1 x 11 inch Paperback, 30 pages
Price: $12.99
E-Formats: PDF, Epub
Category: JNF003120 JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals / Insects, Spiders, etc.
Publication Date: March 21, 2018